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Supporting terminally ill patients & those who care for them


It costs a lot to provide a FREE service like Hospice
quote.gif When mum was dying all she wanted was to leave the hospital and go home. Warkworth Wellsford Hospice made that possible by taking care of all the scary medical details. Thank you for taking that worry off us and letting us just be with mum.
Daughter of a patient

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Tui House Warkworth Hospice Building

Warkworth Wellsford Hospice

Warkworth Wellsford Hospice is a community based service located at Tui House, a purpose-built day facility in Warkworth. Our palliative care nurses, a trained psychotherapist and a social worker travel throughout the North Rodney area to care for patients with a life-shortening illness, and to support them and their families at home. Please click here for a map of the area we cover. 

Patients and family members are also invited to Tui House for clinics, counselling, day programmes and daytime respite care. We do not have an in-patient unit as our population is too small to justify or bear the cost. Our patients have free access to the in-patient units at Hibiscus Coast and North Shore Hospices.

Who we are

Founded by volunteers in 1986, Warkworth Wellsford Hospice is part of the Northern Hospice Alliance, which includes Hospice North Shore and Hibiscus Hospice. Specialist doctors working across the Alliance periodically accompany our nurses when they visit families, or hold clinics at Tui House. Warkworth Wellsford Hospice functions independently and does its own fundraising, supported by about 300 amazing volunteers.

How we are funded

All our services are free to patients and their families, but it costs nearly $1 million a year to provide them.
The Waitemata District Health Board provides 44% of the cost of our clinical services. To cover the balance of clinical costs, as well as administration and fundraising costs, we need to raise over $700,000 a year - that’s $1900 a day.

Who we care for

We help about 100 families a year, from Puhoi in the south to Mangawhai in the north and stretching from coast to coast. Although most of our patients are referred to us with cancer-related illnesses, our services are for anyone - of any age - who has any progressive life-threatening illness, including chronic heart failure, renal failure, lung disease and neurological diseases such as motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

What we do

Most people know that hospice provides care for people who are dying, but many do not realise that some patients receive hospice help for years, and for most of that time they are relatively well and mobile.
And while it’s true that hospice’s core function is to ensure that people can choose to die at home or in a hospice bed, in peace and without pain, our service is also about helping people live well in whatever time they have left. Warkworth Wellsford Hospice does this in a variety of ways:
  • helping manage medications to reduce symptoms
  • providing equipment to improve mobility and comfort
  • offering counselling and bereavement support to patients and family members for as long as they need it
  • coordinating trained volunteers to be a “family friend” and help patients with shopping, take them on outings, read to them, help them continue their hobbies and offer time out for their carers
  • arranging for a trained volunteer to write a patient’s memoirs or any words they want to leave for their loved ones
  • inviting patients and their carers to Hospice House for a massage, manicure or art therapy session, or providing stress-relieving treatments at home
  • For those who prefer to self-help, we have a well stocked library of books that patients, family, whanau and friends can borrow


With more than half of our funding coming from donations, fundraising is an important activity at Warkworth Wellsford Hospice. We need to raise $1,900 every day to ensure we can keep our services free to those who need them. This comes to us by donations, bequests and through fundraising events and activities, but the biggest proportion comes from our shops in Wellsford and Warkworth and our garage sales at Tui House. Not everyone can give us money, but hundreds of people each year give us furniture, clothing and household goods that we can sell.

Where do your donations go?

  • Salaries

    The Warkworth Wellsford staff comprises 8 clinical and family support staff, 3 administrative and fundraising staff and 4 permanent or relief retail managers. All work part-time.
  • Transport

    It costs about $5,000 a year to run each of the 4 vehicles that our nurses, counsellor and social worker use to visit patients in their homes. We also have 2 cars used for administration and fundraising, and a van used by our garage sale team to collect donations and deliver sold goods.
  • Tui House

    Our purpose-built community day hospice was completed in 2017 and although it is a new building with in-built efficiencies such as solar panels and passive solar heating, it still costs money to run and will need maintaining over time. 
  • Office and shops

    We need to maintain offices for our clinical and administrative staff, who are based at Tui House on the corner of Glenmore Drive and Morrison Drive, Warkworth. 
  • We pay rent on two shops, in Warkworth and Wellsford, which is money well spent as these retail operations provide our most reliable income. 
  • Pamper therapy

    We employ a massage therapist, as needed, to give stress-relieving reflexology and massage to patients and carers, either at Hospice House or in their homes.

These businesses and organisations give ongoing support to our Hospice. Please support them in return.

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