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Supporting terminally ill patients & those who care for them


We provide all our services free of charge. We couldn't do this without donations.
quote.gif We both felt the warmth of the Hospice blanket around us in our isolation - the tiredness, the illness, the coming to terms with the terminal illness were made so much easier by knowing Hospice caring staff were there for us both.
Wife of a patient
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Nursing care


Our care focuses on quality of life and providing comfort.

Most people like to be cared for in their own home, close to family, friends and memories. Warkworth Wellsford Hospice has dedicated, qualified nurses who provide care to any person with palliative care needs wherever you call home - a family residence, nursing home, assisted living facility, inpatient unit or hospital.

The team of nurses support patients, families and carers by offering nursing care and support, helping to reduce the strain of coping with the situation. They work in partnership with district nurses, specialist palliative care nurses and other community services.

  • Our nurses will phone or visit families at home as regularly as needed. They are on duty Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. A nurse is available for consultation by phone during the night, and may make home visits in the weekends if needed.
  • To make living at home easier, we have an extensive range of equipment that we will lend without charge for as long as you need it.
We work closely with our local GPs and other health service providers to ensure continuity of safe and professional care. We are part of the North Shore Hospice Trust, a centre specialising in Hospice and palliative care. On occasion the specialist doctors from North Shore Hospice may accompany our nurses on a visit to families.

The quality of care

Warkworth Wellsford Hospice - and our parent organisation North Shore Hospice - is a recognised centre of excellence for specialist palliative care - even providing training for other medical professionals.
Our teams work hard to try to give back as much normality to people’s lives, wherever they can. One example is pain relief: reducing or removing someone’s pain requires a great deal of expertise, but doing so can literally transform their life – giving them back a renewed vigour and making their life more ‘normal’ again.

Inpatient admissions

Inpatient care means being admitted to either North Shore or Hibiscus Coast Hospice , to have pain managed and symptoms controlled. As an inpatient, you are looked after by a team of specialist palliative care consultants and a multi-professional team of health professionals. You can be admitted the the inpatient unit for:
• complex symptom control.
• complex psychological, spiritual and social need.
• rehabilitation assessment following radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and other palliative care treatments.
• care for patients who require specialist care in the last days of life.

These businesses and organisations give ongoing support to our Hospice. Please support them in return.

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